The Academy has the objective of bringing a very rich and diversified teaching responding to all the needs of a young singer and repetiteur. 
The teachers speak several languages, it's a great opportunity to learn these languages...



During all the academy (1st & 2nd week, except during the masterclass), all the singing lessons will be provided by Jean-Noël Briend (fr,de,en,sp.) 50 minutes every two days. The singing lessons will take place alternately with Christina Domnick's interpretation classes (de,en,fr) . 


In addition, stage performance work will be done with Anthony Pilavachi for the duration of the course (from 12 July)

Lessons from 10:45am to 12:25pm then from 3:35pm to 6:05pm. Every morning from 10am to 10:45am Jean-Noël Briend offers to wake up the body and the mind with some breath exercices. 
Every day an audition in front of all the student is planed from 12:25pm to 12:45pm

All the students are welcomed to attend the other participants' lessons.

First week


  an audition preparation workshop with the artistic agent Winfried Hofinger will take place on the 13th of July

 During 5 days (from 12th to 16th of july) the yoga-teacher but alsomezzo-soprano Petra Gruber (de,en,fr) will give individual lessons with a customize approach to every singer.


Second week


Anne Le Bozec's master class will take place on 18th and 19th of July

A Masterclass with Christina Domnick is planed too: How to follow a conductor!


Academy for repetiteurs

Judith Gauthier (fr,en,de) will dispense to the repetiteurs, lessons of accompaniment, transposition, orchestra's reduction, etc....
A masterclass with Anne Le Bozec (fr,de,en) would take place on the 18th and the 19th of July 2022.
The mezzo-soprano but also yoga-teacher Petra Gruber (de,en,fr) will give individual lessons with a customize approach to every pianist.
Furthermore, 5 students will deepen their apprenticeship by accompanying the lessons of Jean-Noël Briend and Anthony Pilavachi. They can attend Christina Domnick's lessons. They will also be welcome in the studio "breath" every morning from 10 am till 11 am.


Final concert


   At the end of the programme, on the night of the 24th of July 2022, the students will present their work during a final concert with the participation of Christina Domnick and Jean-Noël Briend.


   Working studios


   A few working studios will be available for those who want to work outside the worktime of the academy.



    The region


   With bicycles you can visit the lovely region with its lakes, forests....





   There will be a day "off" , maybe in the Black Forest between the two working weeks, the 17th.