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Antoine Juliens attended the Saint-Luc Art School in Brussels before training as an actor and stage director at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Brussels and at the Centre d’Études Théâtrales of Louvain-la-Neuve. Discovering Orazio Costa’s work in the training of actors and meeting with Pierre Laroche, whom he assisted at the Rideau de Brussels and the Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg - KVS -, were decisive in his approach to staging.

His complete training in stage arts (theatrical, stage designing, musical) allowed him to elaborate the scenic spaces and the lights on many of his realizations.

Simultaneously, he worked on his voice with Carolyne Ducrocq at the Royal Conservatory in Liege and took dancing lessons with Jacques Saussin.

Besides his personal creations, he interpreted many theatre roles under the direction of Pierre Laroche, Michaël Nash, Pierre Debauche, Claude Confortès, Daniel Dupont, Albert-André Lheureux, Armand Gatti, Jean-Paul Zehnacker and Daniel Mesguich.

In 1991, he founded with the comedian Isabelle Maudet, the TEATR’OPERA company. Working in direct contact with artists and composers (Michel Musseau, Thierry Pécou, Etienne Lamaison, Fabien Téhéricsen, Michel Bourcier, François Narboni, Jean-Pierre Leguay, Yves Castagnet, Michel Boédec), TEATR’OPERA aims towards the emergence of an innovative theatrical approach in scenic space and time.

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